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About Us

ASPACASRI (Riau Palm Kernel Shell Employers Association) is a group of employers engaged in Palm Kernel Shell that was established on May 11, 2013 in Pekanbaru - Indonesia with registration number 71/69/1BG/2013

Intention and Purpose

  • Fostering member to raise a larger role in the nation's economy for the welfare of a fair and prosperous
  • Distribute and promote the aspirations of members and facilitate member access to manufacturers or other third parties relating to their business
  • Providing protection / advocacy to members of the rights and ownership of business premises, legal issues and other matters


The realization of a conducive business climate in the area of palm kernel shell in particular and all areas of business in general, both at the provincial, national and international.


  • Promote and defend the interests of its members in order to obtain a greater opportunity in all areas related to the business of palm kernel shell
  • To motivate the Palm Kernel Shell Employers in Riau to join ASPCASRI as a container that adds value in the business of Palm Kernel Shell
  • Establish good relationships with business partners, governments and communities
  • Equipping members with all the ability to improve and develop its business


  • Indonesian Citizens
  • Traders or entrepreneurs who have applied for a member of ASPACASRI

Organization Committee Structure

  • Advisory Council
  • Provincial Committee
  • Leaders District / City
  • Autonomous institutions that are responsible to the Chief of ASPACASRI and or chairman at each level of organization

Work Programs

  • Publication of information about the existence of ASPCASRI to all interested parties
  • Cooperate with all parties involved in the venture Palm Kernel Shell
  • Establish good relations with the government, and society
  • Provides the latest information and market price developments of Palm Kernel Shell
  • Increase the professionalism of members in the fields of management, economics, and information technology


The large Palm Kernel Shell demand both local and foreign, automatically triggering the spirit of entrepreneurs to engage in the business field. Unfair competition be inevitable due to the lack of unity and equity prices. Many employers perform speculation that they could meet their quota order, although to be losers. These circumstances we certainly do not expect to happen. There must be a step and a real effort that we do so that this situation can be rectified. Need to set up a container that will unify, facilitate, nurture, Palm Kernel Shell entrepreneurs, so that there is a clear rule among employers. Starting from this situation and the determination to manifest a healthy business climate and Palm Kernel Shell conducive in this field, then the entrepreneurs of Palm Kernel Shell in Riau founded ASPACASRI on May 11, 2013, as the answer

Committee Structure

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